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Dr. Tim Bain

Founder and CEO

Dr. Tim Bain, creator of the Complete Wellness model, co-founder/Medical Director at The Athlete’s Compound, and Tampa Bay Lightning Team Chiropractor, is the go-to wellness expert for many celebrities and sports stars. There’s a waiting list to see him, but you can access his expert advice via his blogs, videos, and podcasts.

What our Friends are saying...

Even babies benefit

When I decided to have my fourth baby in a birthing center I admit I was a little nervous. My third baby was induced a week early and was 9 pounds 3 ounces. Knowing that induction was not in my future I prepared myself for the delivery of what I knew would be a big… Read more »

Happier and healthier

Hi, my name is Kathy McDougall. A little over a month ago I was a walking physical mess. Unable to stand, sit or walk without excruciating pain. I was tired all the time, the color of my skin was ashen, suffering frequent migraines, wicked heartburn, trouble sleeping. All of these physical problems caused me to… Read more »

No longer a skeptic

Our son was born premature at 1LB 3oz. We were told by a number of pediatricians that our son would be more susceptible to illness due to his slower development being a “preemie”. For two years we were in and out of a number of pediatrician’s offices, filling antibiotic prescriptions that would work for two… Read more »

My spine’s in line, I’m feeling fine

When our oldest daughter was four, allergy testing was done due to her constantly suffering from allergy-like symptoms. The test results showed that she was allergic to common household allergen (dust, molds, mites, pet dander etc.). We immediately started her on medications: Singular, Claritin and Nasonex nasal spray. While on these medications, she continued to… Read more »

An open mind and a new outlook

Dr. Tim, I just wanted to take a minute and again thank you and your team for everything you have done for me. Here is a note of what happened to me and how the tools you provided have open the doors to new opportunities and a better life. When I first entered your office… Read more »

Riverview Office Grand Opening Celebration — Coming Soon!

RiverviewTEAMLook for us to post details of a grand opening party in early 2014 for our Riverview Office at 13021-13023 Summerfield Square Drive! Clinic Director Dr. Michael Heldreth and his team are ready to serve you and look forward to celebrating with you!


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